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Empowering you to WOW your audience 

Stepping into Your Power 

You may have an important pitch, presentation or keynote coming up which needs to have the WOW factor. Or you may have been promoted into a more senior position and you need to step into your power as a leader. Or you may want your team to develop more confident and impactful communication. 
In a very safe space you can transform your relationship with public speaking to impress your audience  
and get the results you want.  
Please get in touch with me for a free consultation. 

Reducing fear & building confidence 

You may dread public speaking, you may feel butterflies in your stomach or have sleepless nights when a presentation is looming. It can be a time when we feel particularly vulnerable. However, it is possible to move through this fear and feel happier and more confident.  
This doesn’t mean all fear completely disappears simply that you feel more grounded and at ease when speaking in front of others. (And you wouldn’t want to get rid of fear entirely as it keeps us alive!). 

Increasing impact, gravitas and influence 

It may be that you are quite experienced and confident at delivering presentations, doing key notes or pitches yet you know that they could better ~ more punchy, memorable and captivating. You may even worry that your talks are boring (even though you yourself are not boring!) Ultimately you would like your speaking to get better results for you and your organisation, more kudos, more clients and, of course, more money.  
If you would like to reduce any fears, build your confidence and WOW your audience then please get in touch to find out how I can help you. 
“It was a most enlightening course and certainly more useful than other presentation courses I have been on. Focusing on beginnings and endings of presentations to maximise impact was an effective approach as it meant that learning from this task could be applied to the main body of the presentation. Learning about how to use less text and more pictures, anecdotes, anything to make the presentation more interesting and engaging was very useful and I’ve certainly applied this in the presentation I am currently preparing to give later this week. 
Although I had already prepared a considerable amount of the presentation before the course, I took away a lot of learning that I applied to my presentation and I am very pleased with the end result. I wouldn’t say that I am looking forward to giving the presentation, but I certainly feel a lot more confident than I did before” 
Rob Reid, Senior Consultant, Eunomia 
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