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Communication is like a see saw or should be. I believe our aim should be to have the see saw in balance. It represents rapport, the connection between two or more people whether online or in person. 
I believe that connection, or our relationship between others whether in a work or a business capacity is more important than being right or ‘better’ than someone else. That is just our ego. 
If Erica is at the top of the seesaw and Fred at the bottom. There will be a brief pause. And then Fred will move to the top and Erica to the bottom. 
Why this metaphor? Because I believe communication is all about balance, just like a seesaw. 

Communication is about the balance between speaking and listening 

We need to know when to speak and when to listen. When we speak, I believe we need to make our words count, whether words of encouragement, support, praise, guidance or challenge. When we listen we need to really listen, not just pretend to listen or wait for a gap in the conversation so we can speak. 
We can listen with all of our senses, not just with our ears, but with our eyes and bodies as well to pick up any subtle cues in someone’s energy or posture. And I believe this is generally easier in person then online, although a lot can be picked up virtually. Because we communicate all the time whether we like it or not. 
We are constantly sending out messages, like a light house if you want another metaphor. 

Check your balance – are you moving easily between speaking and listening? 

Or do you tend to be more in one mode? 
If you feel you could do with listening more you could work on developing an attitude of genuine curiosity in other people. 
If you feel you could do with speaking more you could work on developing an attitude of how are people going to know me if I’m not sharing that much with them. 
When our communication is more in balance, everything can improve, our relationships with our friends, family and work colleagues as well as our business. 
Enjoy your ride on the see-saw! 
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