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We can all doubt ourselves, sometimes because we’re human. I believe this is normal. 
But sometimes when we know something we simply know, yes? 
It feels stronger than a belief. 
Some people would call it intuition, a deep inner knowing. 
Some people I know get a specific feeling in their body, one person tells me she feels goose bumps all over her body, another gets a pain in their thumb. For me, I get a sense in my tummy, rather than a specific feeling, and sometimes have a few tears of recognition. A dictionary defines intuition as “The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning” 
If we’re not using conscious reasoning, what are we using? 
Our heart, our gut or both 
Research has shown that we actually have three brain centres, the head, the heart and the gut. They have found neurons, motor neurons and neurotransmitters in all those places, how exciting is that! 
The head brain, as you may expect is involved with thinking and making meaning of things. 
The heart brain is involved with processing our emotions and our connection with others. 
The gut brain is connected with our sense of self. 
They all communicate with each other – messages come from the head brain down to the heart and gut brains, and they travel the other way too. Messages go from the heart as well as the gut, up to the brain. This innate intelligence of the body is dynamic, and flowing in all directions at once. 
When all our brain centres are activated we can awaken our intuition and insight, creativity and vital energy, all fabulous for our business and personal life! 
Here are two easy ways to activate our brain centres. 
1. Deep belly breathing and adopting a regular breathing practice. 
This type of breathing helps to send soothing safety signals to our bodies by activating the calming, relaxing branch of our nervous system. Our three brains thrive when we (our body and mind) feel safe. 
2. Meditate daily. 
Meditation is not only excellent for our head brain it also helps activate the other two brains! Mindfulness and mantra meditation, for example, help to re-wire head brain while also activating a coherent state in your heart and gut. 
I invite you to use all your brain centres to run your life and the next time you have that certain feeling or hear yourself saying “It feels right” or “I know” then trust yourself, trust your intuition – it’s backed up by the research! 
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