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Transforming your relationship with public speaking 
In depth individual support to enable you to smash your public speaking, presentation or communication goals. This takes place in person at HOURS Studio, a beautiful large light space in the central Bristol or via Zoom online.  
Holding your hand each step of the way you'll receive in depth support, yet with a light touch. Whether you want to work on a particular presentation, be more confident speaking up in meetings, design a compelling sales pitch or something else the coaching will be tailored to your style and your strengths.  
Working with the content, structure and delivery of your talk as well as your mindset, presence, energy, language and rhetoric this ensures you get the results you want. They'll be an abundance of humour, compassion and fun in the mix too! 
COACHING via Zoom or Face to Face  
A power session of up to 75 minutes = £255 
“Step into Your Power" 4 sessions of 1.5 hours = £997 
“The presentation in Krakow went really well. Everything I had hoped for. I was confident from the start and did not feel under pressure and the audience (about 150) really got involved. Looking back over the sessions we did together I really believe that my improvement in public speaking would not have happened without your input.  
On reflection I can identify many things that you helped with but two really stick out: your confidence and your willingness to address problems immediately and head on. These are invaluable lessons and I am very grateful to have had the experience of working on these things with you and am honestly excited about the potential to put them into action elsewhere. 
I hope we get to work together in the future”.  
Bill Heslop, Director, Learning Science Ltd 
“I think you cured me! I still get nervous, but way less and now I know how to manage it. You’ve thought me how to focus the energy and see the situation differently, people want to hear what I have to say! So I do not think I need the 4th session. 
Thank you Julia, I really value the time you gave me and how you liberated my confidence”. 
Emmeline Rose 
"Super helpful one off session with Julia. I had to give a eulogy at a family funeral, and knew what needed to be said, but Julia helped so much, giving me the confidence to say it in the right way. I think this experience will give me confidence communicating in other settings and I would not hesitate to to recommend Julia". 
Sophie Howard, Artist 
"I left feeling excited for what I can achieve and brave for doing something that is way out of my comfort zone! Your coaching style is the perfect mixture of kindness and fun and it was exactly what I needed. 
I’m looking forward to adding your “homework” to my daily routine and I feel it will really help me to believe in myself in times where it would be easy to let the anxiety take over". 
Leanne Matthews, Trainee Counsellor 

Case Study 

Here is a case study of Kathryn Ellis, who I coached on the “Step Up and Nail It” Programme: 
“As part of my profession in advertising I do presentations all the time. I had always thought I did ok, and experienced nothing above the expected mild nerves. But upon completing an MA research on the under representation of women in advertising agency creative departments I was invited to talk in various forums – from my workplace to large industry conferences. Every time I experienced excruciating nerves, I had sleepless nights, my delivery suffered and I hated the experience every time.  
When I was invited to speak at a major industry conference in front of 250 people and press I knew I had to remedy this situation. I wanted to give it my all and share my passion with the audience.  
"I couldn’t mess this one up, it was too important. This is why I sought support". 
I happened across Julia whilst searching the Internet. I knew I wanted one to one coaching, not the same old presentation training. Upon my enquiry Julia was prompt to respond. We had a really helpful telephone consultation and I really liked her style. She seemed to understand my situation right away and make a great assessment of what I needed.  
"I felt she really got to know you and your subject matter." 
This was not a “one size fits all” approach. 
Julia helped me craft my content and perfect my delivery. Together we out together an extremely engaging and impactful talk. I presented my information in ways I would have never thought of, and they really worked. She coached me with grounding and breathing techniques, which helped with nerves. 
"We walked through the entire experience so I felt prepared". 
By the time my talk came around I was pumped, passionate and ready to go. I had an amazing reception from the crowd, with a queue of people waiting to speak with me and invite me to appear at other events. I felt I really connected with the audience and most importantly I felt happy with my performance, something I had never felt before despite receiving positive feedback. 
"Since that talk things have really taken off for me.". 
I have been featured in social media and articles written by trade press and key industry figures. This has really raised my profile and is starting to build me a network of amazing people. I have been asked to do many more talks. And now, instead of dreading them I cannot wait!  
Thanks so much Julia, I couldn't have done it without you! 
Check out Kathryn’s research here: 
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