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Transforming your relationship with public speaking 

Make your presentations come alive 

You may have heard of “death by PowerPoint” where presentations can bore the audience to death! This workshop takes you right away from that and helps you to make your presentations come alive, engage the audience and get the results you want, whether that’s persuading the audience of an idea, presenting information or selling them a great product. 
This workshop is suitable for you if: 
You suspect or know your presentations could be more engaging 
You’ve been in or are in a culture of putting lots of bullet points on slides and would like a fresh approach 
You don’t like giving presentations and would like to enjoy them. 
The content of this course includes: 
An assessment of what you already do really well as a presenter. 
Exploration of two powerful ways to structure your presentation. 
Exercises on developing your presence. 
Exploration of powerful beginnings and endings. 
An analysis of the art of storytelling. 
The opportunity to design, structure and deliver a presentation in pairs or threes towards the end of the day so you can put into practice everything you have been learning. No preparation before the workshop is required for this. 
The benefits of attending this course include: 
Building your confidence to deliver presentations with passion and flair so you can captivate your listeners’ attention. 
Developing your presence so people will want to see you, hear you and be inspired by you. 
How to structure your presentations so you can increase your influence on your audience, whether you want to persuade them of an idea, present information or sell them something. 
Understand the art of good story telling so you are confident to use stories in your presentations to emotionally connect with your audience. Remember your audience are desperate to connect with a real human being! 
Danielle Mayer, Placements Officer from the University of Bath said: 
“My confidence grew throughout the day and I really did learn how to be powerful and engaging when presenting! Thanks for a great day!” 
Mark Coleman, Mindful driver Trainer said: 
“This workshop helped me think about presenting in front of others in a new way. It stretched me just enough without being scary. It gave me the opportunity to practice in a safe environment and has taken the edge off doing it for real”. 
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