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Transforming your relationship with public speaking 

Build your confidence and skills 

Many people are nervous about public speaking. Believe me, you are not alone!  
With the right training this fear can be managed so you can feel at ease. 
This workshop is not only designed to reduce this fear, but also to build your confidence and skills so you can delight, inspire and influence your audience. 
This workshop is suitable for you if: 
You’re nervous about public speaking and have been putting off speaking in front of others  
You’d like your speaking to be more compelling to make sure you get your message across, get noticed, get that promotion or inspire your team 
You’d like to practice in a very safe and supportive space with individual support in a small group 
The benefits for you of attending this workshop include: 
Move from anxiety and overwhelm to feeling excited and in control 
Gain more belief in yourself and your ability to engage and energetically hold an audience 
Feel inspired to do more public speaking to increase your visibility, impact and influence 
The approach 
I work with mindset, body, voice, energy, presence and more as this creates the best results 
I bring a heaped spoonful of warmth, humour and compassion to help you be seen, heard and felt. In Meggie's words, 
"I enjoyed the safe space created - the empathy, kindness and patience shown" Meggie, Account Director 
Gildas Jones, Director of Dial a Geek said: 
“I attended Julia’s Public Speaking – The Essentials workshop and really enjoyed it, learnt some new skills with a really nice group of people. The skills are applicable to many areas not just public speaking. Julia ran the workshop very well and kept everyone on track, allowing them to face their fears and pre-conceptions of public speaking. Highly recommended to anyone in business”. 
Romy Bollanger, Senior Art Director said : 
"This workshop took me out of my comfort zone, helping me increase my confidence. It is relevant beyond work, also useful for every day interactions
And Bryony Ball, Manager of See it from her said: 
“It was very inspiring and fun! I learned so many new tools as well as ways of thinking. It wasn’t scary at all – I felt very comfortable throughout!” 
I thoroughly enjoyed Julia's teaching style and I feel I benefited hugely from the workshop (Public Speaking - The Essentials - on line)” Alison Roberts, Dancer 
“Experience the power of public speaking and join Julia’s course” Cristina, Project Manager, See it from Her 
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