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Transforming your relationship with public speaking 
“Julia kept a room full of participants rapt in The Bath Future Talent Programme as she explained how to present with confidence. As a group of rising stars in their first supervisory roles they were looking to Julia for insights and techniques. And they were delighted. Feedback from them included statements such as ‘the public speaking session was a revelation and I have become much more expressive as a result’. We’re happy to thoroughly recommend Julia for her expertise”.  
Kathryn Ellis - See full case study 
“It was a most enlightening course and certainly more useful than other presentation courses I have been on. Focusing on beginnings and endings of presentations to maximise impact was an effective approach as it meant that learning from this task could be applied to the main body of the presentation. Learning about how to use less text and more pictures, anecdotes, anything to make the presentation more interesting and engaging was very useful and I’ve certainly applied this in the presentation I am currently preparing to give later this week. Although I had already prepared a considerable amount of the presentation before the course, I took away a lot of learning that I applied to my presentation and I am very pleased with the end result. I wouldn’t say that I am looking forward to giving the presentation, but I certainly feel a lot more confident than I did before” 
Rob Reid, Senior Consultant, Eunomia 
“Our experience was brilliant! We felt like we were in very safe hands and inspired to feel good about what we were talking about, to feel expert, to feel confident and to use our whole bodies to communicate” 
Tash Simpson, Schools Engagement Officer, Sustrans 
“It was a fun and interesting course and made a big difference” 
Craig Howarth, Dave Corfield, Directors, 422 South 
“Julia really knows her stuff. I already feel I can speak publicly with more confidence!” 
Sam Pearce, Engineer, Agas 
“An excellent course” (Bespoke Communicating confidently course) 
Kate Hall, Festival Production, Bath Festivals 
“An interactive and inspiring course which energised me and brought me out of myself. I left feeling bigger” 
Gildas Jones, Director of Dial a Geek 
“It was an excellent session (Bespoke Powerful Presentations course : It was targeted, personable and output focused” 
Celia Mead, Programme Lead, Bath Bridge 
“Experience the power of public speaking and join Julia’s course” 
Sam Reeve, CEO of Resource Futures 
“Thank you Julia for a well planned and executed day. I came feeling unsure but am leaving more confident that I can do this! Thank you” 
Rob Reid, Senior Consultant, Eunomia 
“I enjoyed all of it! It was a fun and engaging introduction to presenting and a non judgemental space to give it a try” 
Jackie Rice, Centre Service Manager, CPCAB 
“This course has helped me realise what I can do (Public Speaking) and what I need to do to believe it”. 
Adam Rich, Communications Manager, Bristol Pound 
“Recommended to anyone in business”. 
Rachel Pompa, NHS Manager, Hywel Dda NHS Trust 
“I thoroughly enjoyed Julia's teaching style and I feel I benefited hugely from the workshop. Julia's presentation style and teaching are excellent. She brings out the best in her attendees in a positive and nurturing way. I thoroughly recommend Julia as a coach" (Public Speaking - The Essentials on line) 
Alison Roberts, Dancer 
“I learnt so much from doing this workshop! I feel more confident and prepared. I learnt a strategy to help me be calm and enjoy public speaking)" (Public Speaking - The Essentials on line) 
Clair Eggberry - Naturally In Tune 
“The workshop has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to take on more webinars and seminars. It was great fun and interactive! (Public Speaking - The Essentials on line) 
Leonnie Matthew-Morgan (Account Manager) 
“It was interactive, with great exercises and an engaging style”. 
Henry Orangu, Digital Marketing Consultant 
“I thoroughly enjoyed this course with Julia. A new favourite as I have had fun, learnt loads and have come away with ideas and confidence! I can’t wait to put it all into practice!” 
Natalie Burns, UX Consultant 
“This course (Powerful Presentations) packed a lot in a day and you could really feel yourself grow and develop skills. I thoroughly recommend it. Many thanks Julia for a lovely day with a lot to take back.” 
Peter Rogers, Legal Profession 
“Great short course on the key tips and tricks for better public speaking”. 
Danielle Mayer, Placements Officer, University of Bath 
“Highly recommended, a comfortable environment in which to learn useful, practical skills in public speaking”. 
Alison Brice, Marketing Officer, University of Bath 
“A wonderful course! Very useful in gaining building blocks for making presentations.” 
Brony Ball, Project Manager, See it from Her 
“Julia is a fantastic presenter. She engages the audience from the start providing really useful exercises and tips to bring out the best in people’s public speaking”. 
Caroline Morris, Leadership and Executive Coach. 
“A great course in a supportive atmosphere. Brilliantly facilitated” (Public Speaking – The Essentials). 
Tricia Maitland, Hypnotherapist 
“My confidence grew throughout the day and I really did learn how to be powerful and engaging when presenting! Thanks for a great day!” 
Samuel Pearce, Engineer, Agas 
“It was fun, interesting and made a big difference! (Powerful Presentations Course)” 
Charlie Hutton, Environment Agency 
“I was a very inspiring day. I learnt so many new tools and new ways of thinking! It wasn’t scary at all. I felt very comfortable throughout”. 
Amy Martin, Youth Worker 
“Don’t put it off!” 
James Oluoch-Olunya, Project Management 
“The course was great, Julia immediately put me at ease and I felt somewhat relaxed in a normally tense situation.  
The session really helped me to realise that I could present and I wasn’t as bad as I thought, you get honest feedback and tips on how to control the nerves when you do get that feeling of panic. 
The whole day is designed and set up to break down that barrier and get you confident with what you are doing. We liked it so much we are signing up for the Powerful Presentations Course”. 
Steven Braid, Engineer 
“The Public Speaking Course was empowering and relaxing” 
Claire Draycott, Territoryales Manager 
“Julia is a wonderful, inspiring and charismatic teacher as well as very funny, present and sensitive. She is very skilful at imparting her knowledge”. 
Niall Taylor, Researcher in Psychology 
“The Communicate With Confidence course helped me more than any other public speaking course ever has. I have taken away invaluable techniques to end the vicious cycle of anxiety I get when faced with a public speaking task, to ground myself and use positive beliefs to increase my confidence both before and during my talk. The course provided a safe and friendly space in which to practise and I received so much positive and constructive feedback. I couldn’t recommend this course more!” 
Clare, Nutritional Therapist and Consultant 
“Thanks Julia! I really enjoyed this and found it super useful” 
Lizzie Rowe, PhD Student, Bristol University 
“Remarkable!! After 2 short courses I have already gained a much stronger sense of empowerment that has enabled me to really enjoy public speaking; this in turn has helped me to become a more exciting and effective public speaker, people have really noticed the difference. The courses are fun and intimate, Julia makes lots of time to really focus in on what each participant needs to make them a more dynamic confident speaker, Her patient guidance was exactly the right approach for overcoming the groups public speaking fears. I am so pleased with the results that I am now sending my staff on Communicate with Confidence Courses.” 
Anna Wilkie, User Experience Consultant, cxpartners 
“This course (Powerful Presentations) was the most enjoyable and thought provoking training I have experienced for a very long time. It has made me feel more confident and given me lots of ideas. I now feel much more liberated, expressive and imaginative when delivering presentations!” 
Barry, Business Development Officer 
“This was a well delivered course and I enjoyed the environment created by Julia. The content was very relevant to me and hit home with a lot of my experiences. I can now immediately improve my presentations as it has highlighted how and where to improve”. 
Caroline, Manager 
“It was really good! Great teacher! It has given me great tools to improve my confidence and deliver more significant messages in presentations and really engage the audience.” 
Nina Harper, Employee services, benefits and immigration specialist, Boeing 
“We had a two day training course with Julia, which was tailored to our needs and preferences. The session was very interactive and covered different aspects of communication and presentation. Julia is friendly and enthusiastic, which meant that the course was fun and engaging. I now have more tools at my disposal to communicate confidently and give impactful presentations. Thanks Julia”. 
Peter Connelly, Commodity Trader 
“The course was spot on and made me think about myself”. 
Yanna Ebensen, Carer 
“Julia’s Public Speaking workshops are practical, inspirational and lots of fun! Their approach consists of interactive exercises and lots of opportunities to practice public speaking in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. The tools I was given have really helped me in many aspects of life but particularly with my new business venture involving hosting training workshops. There are lots of great exercises to help you relax as well as work around addressing the audience and use of voice. The workshops really helped me face some of my inner demons around public speaking and step into a world of opportunity. Above all I have realised that public speaking can actually be good fun – who would have thought it?!” 
Eleanor Page, Analyst, Government Organisation 
“An inspiring course that was fun and educational. It has given me confidence and lots of ideas.” 
Tristan, Managing Director of Pieminister Pies 
“These courses are excellent and I highly recommend them. My confidence has been transformed having completed the course. You learn advanced techniques and how to control your mind and breathing. I recently spoke in front of 200 people using the techniques I learned on the course and loved it!” 
Dr Jon Rogers, Councillor for Ashely ward 
“I just wanted to thank you for last night, it was so well done, simple and so effective, you are a fantastic communicator and bring a lot of energy and fun to the night. Thanks again!” 
Damien McBraida, Property Investor and Property Manager 
“Julia is a talented speaker and encouraged us with fun and innovative methods. I felt at home with the group all in it together. It was so nice to witness each others improvements with both speaking and confidence. And what seems to be a bonus, I am finding general conversations easier since doing the course and feeling more grounded. I recommend this course to absolutely everyone who wants to improve their speaking ability and I imagine that is most people!” 
Patrick Halliwell, Managing Director, Daktronics 
“I really enjoyed the relaxed and safe environment Julia created for the participants to work in and the multi-faceted approach to tackling public speaking – from physically and mentally grounding oneself prior to actual speaking, through to the ways in which delivery of the speech can be improved (voice projection, tone and pitch).” 
Kim, Bristol 
“This is a fab course that has helped me to speak more confidently in public, to want to do it and enjoy it. I have found the course had a deep impact on both a professional and personal level. Thank you for taking me on a rollercoaster ride, which I am keen to repeat.” 
Lisa, Bristol 
“I feel this course has changed the way I view public speaking, how I evaluate myself and has given me the tools to be a good speaker. I feel more confident in myself and I feel inspired to go on and enjoy public speaking. Thank you Julia : )” Ceri, Bristol 
“I found this course to be a lot of fun, as well as challenging at times, but not too much! The course has a good variety and pace, and you feel safe and supported. It has helped me clarify how I feel about public speaking, and allowed me to speak more clearly and bravely in public and take more risks when speaking in an open forum.” 
Angela, Bristol 
“This course has raised my confidence and helped me learn about myself. Good practical exercises and interaction with other students.” 
Jenny, Bristol 
“I found the course to be fun (not expected !) friendly , relaxed, and non-competitive. It was a great group of people and the course content was most interesting and informative.” 
Damien, Property Manager and Investor 
“Both courses have been a very positive experience. There is a safe atmosphere built through fun ice breakers and lots of feedback. Nothing pushed me too far outside of my comfort zone. Now giving a presentation calmly, clearly and with a degree of positive engagement of the audience seems much more achievable.” 
Mailin, Solicitor 
“I now have less anxiety and can enjoy and appreciate public speaking. Thank you!” 
Barry, Bristol 
“What a great course! Thrilled I did it and feel so much more confident. Julia is an inspiring, expert coach. Thanks you!” 
Judith, Bristol 
“Julia’s course is friendly, encouraging, fun and varied. It has helped me build confidence and start to enjoy public speaking. Excellent handouts too!” 
Nathan, Bristol 
“I came on the course as I wanted to try something different and hopefully gain some benefits for both home and work life – this aim was achieved. I enjoyed the presentations we had to give, the games and the opportunity to watch others.”Dr. J, Consultant 
“I came on this course to do something different – it was definitely fun and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I found it inspiring reading the speeches of great orators, and the course taught me how to enjoy standing up in front of people giving a speech. This has given me more confidence speaking in front of a group in both a personal and business context. The trainer was very knowledgeable, teaching a wide range of helpful techniques and creating a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere” 
Igor, Bristol 
“The course has been so useful. Being more in my body, learning to breathe and focus has already helped in my work. The techniques have also given me things to work with in the future. I am now able to communicate more effectively and feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.” 
Mike, Bristol 
“I have definitely become less self conscious, which is a big thing for me. ” 
Melissa, Marketing Manager 
"Many thanks for a really enjoyable and productive day. It was great coaching in an ideal small group setting and it has enabled me to be more confident when addressing large groups and giving presentations.” 
Barry, Bristol 
“I came on this course because I wanted to improve my confidence. I now feel like a different person when I have to speak in meetings. Before, I would get butterflies in my stomach at the possibility of having to speak. Now when I talk, I feel a lot more confident, and believe what I have to say is worth saying.” 
Vicky, Bristol 
“I liked the judgement free environment Julia created, alongside the practical tips.” 
Ruth Radice, Pensions Administrator 
"Thank you Julia, I have found public speaking has been getting easier and feeling more confident when having to do presentations and still using your techniques to prepare. Many Thanks” 
Peter, Bristol 
“Nothing was to scary. Lots of small steps, which were comfortable and fun.” 
Sophie, Mum and Coach 
“I particularly enjoyed the voice coaching and projection exercises, as well as the practice of standing in front of a friendly audience. It has definitely improved my confidence.” 
Katie, IT worker 
“What a brilliant course! It has really boosted my confidence. Everyone should do it. Julia is an excellent coach and creates a friendly environment where you can develop excellent public speaking skills” 
Gary, Bristol 
“Public speaking has always been something I have wanted to improve, but never got around to it. So prompted by an upcoming Best Man’s speech, I booked onto Julia’s Essentials Course. I found the environment really supportive, which helped me get outside of my comfort zone. I enjoyed the first course so much that I went onto do the next course. I highly recommend Julia.” 
Sky, Student 
“It was really useful to see that I am not alone, and others experience the same issues around public speaking. After the course I feel less intimidated by groups when I speaking.” 
Matt, Bristol 
“It was a fantastic course. I now feel inspired to go on and become a good public speaker. I feel much more confident and I am looking forward to getting more opportunities to speak!” 
Chris, Engineer 
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