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Empowering you to WOW your audience 

Build your confidence and skills 

Many people are nervous about public speaking. Believe me, you are not alone!  
With the right training this fear can be managed so you can feel at ease. 
This workshop is not only designed to reduce this fear, but also to build your confidence and skills. Whether speaking in a meeting, delivering a pitch or presentation or giving a speech.  
It will provide you with all the fundamental elements of becoming a great public speaker. 
This workshop is suitable for you if: 
You’re nervous about public speaking and have been putting it off speaking in front of others because of your fear. 
You’d like your speaking to be more impactful to make sure you get your message across, get noticed, get that promotion or inspire your team. 
You’d like to practice in a safe and supportive environment with individual support in a small group 
The benefits of attending this workshop include: 
Reducing anxiety when speaking in front of others so you can sleep easier, free up some head space and get on with other things. 
Building confidence so that you know you are in control. 
Learning to deliver with passion so you can really reach and inspire your audience with your message. 
The content of this workshop includes: 
Body work to relax and ground you 
Voice work to understand the power and variables of the voice exploring pitch, pace, projection, volume, emphasis, tone, resonance and the power of the pause. 
Mind work to ensure you are using your mind to help rather than hinder you. 
An understanding of the importance of non verbal communication. 
Opportunities for speaking practice with individual feedback on what went well and what could be done even better. 
Taking away a tool kit of techniques and strategies so you can keep practising and keep improving long after the workshop is finished. 
Gildas Jones, Director of Dial a Geek said: 
“I attended Julia’s Public Speaking – The Essentials Course and really enjoyed it, learnt some new skills with a really nice group of people. The skills are applicable to many areas not just public speaking. Julia ran the course very well and kept everyone on track, allowing them to face their fears and pre-conceptions of public speaking. Highly recommended to anyone in business”. 
Clair Eggberry from Naturally In Tune said : 
"I learnt so much from doing this workshop. I feel more confident and prepared. I learnt a strategy to help me keep calm and enjoy public speaking". (Public Speaking - The Essentials on line) 
And Bryony Ball, Manager of See it from her said: 
“It was very inspiring and fun! I learned so many new tools as well as ways of thinking. It wasn’t scary at all – I felt very comfortable throughout!” 

Next Public Speaking – The Essentials Thursday 25 February 2021, central Bristol 

I thoroughly enjoyed Julia's teaching style and I feel I benefited hugely from the workshop (Public Speaking - The Essentials - on line)” Alison Roberts, Dancer 
“Experience the power of public speaking and join Julia’s course” Cristina, Project Manager, See it from Her 
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